California's mobile canning service for craft breweries.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Can Van brings canning equipment and experience into breweries all around the state. With low minimums and flexible packaging options, we offer a fast and efficient way for breweries of all sizes to access the growing market for canned beer.

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The Can Van brings all of the necessary equipment, materials, and staff to the site where beer is brewed.  With low minimum orders, canning is accessible to breweries of all sizes. The Can Van service comes with a number of advantages:

For the Brewer

  • Shared equipment saves space, time, and capital
  • Low minimums make canning possible for small batches, seasonal beers, and special releases
  • Canning team handles the packaging so staff can focus on brewing

For the Beer

  • Keeps out light and oxygen
  • Easier to stack and lighter to ship
  • Lightweight, unbreakable containers go anywhere

For the Planet

  • Aluminum cans are the most recycled beverage container
  • Lighter packaging uses less fuel to ship
  • More options for consumers to "drink local" when choosing cans


The Can Van was founded by five friends who met in the Presidio Graduate School Sustainable MBA program. Homebrewers and craft beer lovers, their collective experience includes cleantech, operations, marketing, finance, business development, and international business. In addition to a passion for beer, they are united by a love of bicycles, the environment, and helping local businesses bring great artisan beer to the masses. Jenn Coyle and Lindsey Herrema run the daily operations and management of The Can Van. Kate Drane handles media relations and marketing outreach, and Jake Blackshear assists with finanancial management. Barley, aka Can Dog, is training to be the team's mascot.

jenn lindsey lindsey lindsey barley
Jenn Coyle
Lindsey Herrema
Kate Drane
Jake Blackshear
Can Dog


  • Heath Cox - Sustainability
  • Dwight Collins - Operations Management
  • Aaron Greene - Production Efficiency
  • Emily Winston - Alcoholic Beverage Industry
  • Jane Wong - Food Manufacturing


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